Benefits of Shared Hosting

09 September 2021
Anindya Mutsuddy

Now, the idea of sharing hosting space with multiple other websites may seem fine and all, but wouldn’t it be better to have an entire server to ourselves? The answer depends on you, honestly. If you’ve a new and upcoming website, or are at the growing stage in terms of traffic, it might be better for you to go the shared hosting route.

Shared hosting benefits

There are a lot of benefits to getting a shared hosting plan. Let’s take a peek at each of the benefits in turn.

Can be a very economical solution

Shared hosting is almost always the affordable option from amongst all of the other hosting solutions, making it very cost effective, especially if you’re just starting out with a brand new site. You can test out the nitty-gritties of your website without spending a tonne of money in the process. Play around with your site, see what works, and what doesn’t.

Technical know-hows are not required

For server related issues, or even administration related ones, you can count on the service provider for help. These activities are undertaken by the hosting service themselves, so you do not have to go around hiring an external server admin, should the need arise.

cPanel access

Most shared hosting providers will provide you with a cPanel, from which you can manage various site related tasks such as setting up different databases, emails, manage add-on domains and so much more, all included in the price you pay for the shared hosting. 

Manage and scale with ease

Getting shared hosting also means that you do not have to manage the server on which your website is being hosted. All the management and upkeep is undertaken by the hosting service provider. Of course, as your traffic grows, you can scale your server space as you see fit.

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